Self Defense Tactical LED Light

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 One of the popular self defense products is the Baton. Made of aviation grade aluminum, it come with a bone grain attack head. The temporary injury inflicted by the baton, gives sufficient time for the person to make good an escape. It could also lend a helping hand from aggressive stray dogs. 

With a 3 level modulation LED torch, it becomes a faithful companion for early morning walkers , 
late night travelers and a must have accessory for every car. The baton is packed with a powerful 2200  Li Ion rechargeable battery. An option of connecting 3  AAA cells is also available. The 3 W LED gives a powerful 2200 Lumen output. 3 levels of light output are High intensity, low intensity and strobe. 

The baton comes in 2 variants. The normal baton and retractable one. The retractable baton , in its compact form , can easily slide into a back pack / or a ladies bag. When stretched, it functions like a normal baton. The retractable baton also comes with a soft hammer head which comes handy when trapped and need to break a glass window / door